Let's get shit poppin

in the 203

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Lo-Fi Drumpack

Chiiiiiiiill. Light up a blunt, enjoy low fidelity transients and samples full of Izotope Vinyl's dust. This is for all those hipster manbunners who don't like their music clean - it must be retro sounding and pressed on vinyl three times before being rerecorded back into the DAW.


Africa Drumpack

Hello, I'm Charles Daniels. For years we've been taking you to villages like this, and showing you the heartbreak of families whose only mistake was being born poor. They need your help, and for only 1 dollar and 39 cents you can support us with an authentic Africa drumpack which will appropriate their culture into your beats.


Bathroom Drumpack

Using an extremely high fidelity microphone, we ventured into the depths of what you believed was unknown... your mother's bathroom. Once we entered the previously-explored territory, we recorded the shitter.